ORATS offers Tradier Brokerage users 1) live options market data with implied volatilities, theoretical values and greeks delivered through an API, and 2) web-based tools to backtest, scan, view chains, chart and assess position risk.

  • The Data API provides live market data and hundreds of data points. Get current and historical options information like constant maturity IV, historical volatilities, skew information, earnings information and hundreds more data points, explained here:
  • The web-based Wheel platform offers powerful options tools like backtesting, scanning, and charting that utilize ORATS deep historical dataset of signals. Also offered are options chains and position risk management.

Historical Quotes

Historical near end-of-day quotes back to 2007 via FTP are available for $99 per month for updating files daily plus $599 for initial bulk download.

We offer live 1-minute snapshots for $199 per month, and offer history back to August 2020 for $1000 one time. Here is a large download of a sample of a 1-minute intraday snapshot.

Here is a large download of a sample 2-minute file (raw no greeks) that we have historically back to 2015: Nightly updates are $99 per month and bulk download back to 2015 is $999.

The instructions for users to set up a S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services for delivery of the 1-minute snapshots and 2-minute files require are in the links.

More information on our quotes is here

Here is more on the web-based tools (pricing below):


Test your strategies before trading them in the market. Tweak your criteria, like delta and days to expiration and hundreds more triggers. The Backtester simulates an option strategy using daily data back to 2007.  You can find backtester samples, instructions, videos, and tutorials here.

For example: "I want to buy a SPY 5% out-of-the-money put spread every time MACD and implied volatility contango goes negative," here's how.

Tradier Backtest View



Find the options meeting your criteria in real-time. Choose from pre-canned scans with default days to expiration and delta ranges. Make your custom scans and choose from hundreds of criteria.

Examples of possible scans:

  • "Find stocks with an IV Rank < 25, and sell the 20/10 delta call spread with a spread yield (spread price / stock price) > 1%."

Tradier Scan Shot



Plot hundreds of options related data points historically back to 2007 from the ORATS data API. Also, define a range of an indicator to simulate buying and selling of the stock. Below is the ORATS SPY_C weighted average components' implied volatility divided by each best SPDR ETF. A healthy market with the benefits of diversification has a high ratio, and a high component IVs relative to their ETFs. In an unhealthy market these ratios go toward one.



Live updating options chain with greeks, implied volatilities and theoretical values. This is the same information that is delivered through our API.

Tradier Chain Shot



Load your positions and see live, updating greeks, deltas and profit. Also, get exit notifications.



Live Tools

$99 a month

  • Backtest, Scan, Chart, Chain, Risk
  • Unlimited symbols and use
  • 14-day reduced price trial
  • For individual use
Learn more

Data API

$99 a month

  • Market data and historical
  • 14-day reduced price trial
  • Unlimited symbols
  • 20,000 API Calls Per Month
  • For individual use
Data API - Learn more
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