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Which symbols do you cover and do you have futures options? Also, check this blog post.

How do I cancel my subscription / trial? Click here, enter your email. If you forgot your password, simply request one.



How do I use the Optimize feature to run thousands of backtests?

How do you calculate returns, based on margin or risk capital? Also see returnType under general parameters.

How do you calculate slippage (the distance between the bid-ask to trade) and commissions?

Can I compare stock returns to options returns? 

How would you set up a pairs backtest? 

Can I download the trades, all returns and statistics?

How does the backtester choose which option to trade?

Can I stagger my trades, trading a little every week, instead of just trading monthly?

Do you have weekly options? 

What is the difference between a covered call, a buywrite, and a short call with married stock?

Exit at Signal: What does this mean exactly? What is different if its checked vs unchecked?

Where are the stock prices in the trades section for indexes from?

How can I view a list of  backtests, and filter and sort by return statistics?

How are stock and options prices synched in delta neutral hedging?


Data API  

Does your API work with Python? 

What type of historical volatility calculation do you use?

Do you have constant maturity implied volatility calculations?

Do you offer ex-earnings historical volatility? Yes.

Why don't you offer call and put implied volatilities?

How are futures prices calculated for the implied Monies and Strikes stock price?



What format do you use and can I get a sample of your historical quotes?

How far back does your quotes product go?

Is there any limitation as to the number of symbols in the bulk download? No.



How often do you update your dividend forecasts?

How far out into the future do your dividend forecasts go?

How do you forecast dividends? 



How do I get an earnings report? Also, check our webpage out.


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