ORATS offers EliteTrader users special pricing on backtesting and data.

The Backtester simulates an option strategy on daily data back to 2007. you can find backtester samples, instructions, videos, and tutorials here.

The Data API gives access to historical and delayed current options data on all optionable tickers back to 2007. You can find instructions, videos, and tutorials here and the specifications for the API here.

Historical Quotes

Historical near end-of-day quotes back to 2007 via FTP are available for a special price of $399 per year for updating files daily plus only $399 one time fee for initial bulk download.

We offer 15-minute delayed 1-minute snapshots for $99 per month, and offer history back to June 2020 for $499Here is a large download of a sample of a 1-minute intraday snapshot.

Here is a large download of a sample 2-minute file (raw no greeks) that we have historically back to 2015: Nightly updates are $99 per month and bulk download back to 2015 is $999.

The instructions for users to set up a S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services for delivery of the 1-minute snapshots and 2-minute files require are in the links.

More information on our quotes is here https://info.orats.com/quotes


Wheel Special Startup $299 First Year


Wheel Special $49 Month

  • Unlimited Symbols
  • 100 Backtests Per Month
  • 1 user
  • For individual use
Learn more

Data API

Data API Special $49 Month

  • Unlimited symbols
  • 1,000 API Calls Per Month
  • 1 user
  • For individual use

Data API Basic $99 Month

  • 20,000 API Calls Per Month
Data API - Learn more
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