Backtesting-- Trade without using real money.

Learn how options work without risking your capital: The ORATS backtester is the most advanced and easy to use backtesting platform available.

Test your strategies before trading them in the market. Tweak your criteria, like delta and days to expiration preferences. With our training videos and documentation, getting started is a breeze.

You know how hard it is to buy data, download, clean, set up, and code a backtesting system. Why not try ORATS backtester. It's so easy and powerful. You will wonder why you weren't using it sooner. Give us a call (312) 986 - 1060



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The ORATS Advantage 

See why ORATS backtesting is used by the largest pension funds, banks, wealth managers, hedge funds, and customers like you since 2002. Why the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, EQ Derivatives, Waters Technology have all recognized ORATS as a go-to firm for options information and backtesting.

Our backtester has the most powerful features available:

  • Backtest all popular spreads and combine to produce an unlimited amount of strategies.
  • All indexes, ETFs, and stocks are available
  • Delta neutral strategies, pairs strategies, and multiple symbol strategy tests.
  • Weeklies, quarterlies, and monthly expirations.
  • Use out-of-the-money%, delta or both. Add premium yield or other additional criteria to hone in on the exact trades you want to test.
  • Exit on many different triggers including stop loss, delta range, percent of strike difference.
  • Commissions and slippage assumptions built in.
  • Staggering entry trades to avoid path dependency.
  • Change date ranges to test in and out of sample.
  • Have an indicator signal? Use those entry and exit dates to control backtest trades.
  • And a bunch more. 

With quality data on all US equity optionable tickers going back to 2007: Each trading day we take a snapshot 4 minutes before the close of all bid asks of all standard options and accompanying stock prices. We process all this data through our Smoothed Market Values (SMV) system, producing the best greeks and theoretical markets. More on our historical market quotes here.

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Backtester Quick Start video.

ORATS Backtester Quick Start

Backtester Basics

ORATS Backtester Additional Parameters



Backtest trial.

With a 14-day trial you can get access to all the features at a reduced fee and we will let you know before your trial expires so you can cancel.

Alternatively, you can go to and log in, but you will only be able to access IBM and basic backtesting features.
Don't you think it is time to put ORATS on your side?

Training Videos

Here are all are videos in one, with when each segment starts, or you can skip below to watch each one individually.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 Backtester Quick Start video.
  • 05:58 Backtester Basics
  • 12:22 Additional Parameters: More criteria to drive your trading
  • 18:06 Exit rules are key for maximizing profit and minimizing risk
  • 23:32 Test multiple symbols and combine strategies
  • 27:10 Leg relationships as in an Iron Condor
  • 29:54 New features added based on feedback from traders like you
  • 36:36 Long Stock & Short Stock strategies alone or combined with options
  • ……. We will be adding more videos as we make them.
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Here are more criteria to drive your trading.

ORATS Backtester Additional Parameters

Here are some advanced additional criteria for you to sculpt your trades.

ORATS Backtester Advanced Additional Criteria

Exit rules are key for maximizing profit and minimizing risk. See the exit rules here:

Backtest Exit Rules

Here's how to test multiple symbols and combine_strategies

Backtest Multiple Symbols and Combine Strategies

Here's how to use leg relationships to define your spread legs, for example this iron condor.

Backtest Setting Leg Relationships

Check out the new features we added based on feedback from traders like you.


Backtester New Features


Here's how to use Long Stock and Short Stock strategies alone or combined with options.


Here's how to use Trigger Indicators to enter or exit trades based on data levels and use Symbol Entry Exit:


Did we mention powerful reporting?

See all the standard statistical financial figures, a graph of the options strategy returns with the underlying stock, monthly returns and the trades for the strategy. You can edit the backtest parameters and download the statistics and trades.

Get started today with a special rate trial.



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