Find Your Best Way to Trade

How can you find out the best way to trade an options strategy?

With the Optimizer, you can set up and run 10s, 100s or 1000s of backtests quickly, and get the results back in a table that is sortable and filterable: Find the best rules-based strategy based on your investment objectives.

Quickly identify the best performing way to trade a strategy based on your investment philosophy.

  • Don't like drawdowns? Filter the high ones out. 
  • Like high Sortino Ratio? Sort on that column.

It's that easy. Try the Optimizer today! Give us a call (312) 986 - 1060


Optimize to your specifications

First, check out our quick start video on how to use the Optimizer.


Here’s how it works:

I. Run multiple backtests of the same strategy with some different inputs, i.e. long VIX puts with various days to expiration and deltas.



II. Click on the check boxes
next to the names of the backtests you want to optimize.


III. Click the Optimize button above the check boxes.

IV. An Optimizer table is generated containing all the backtest information. 
  2. OptimizerTable

Click the column header to sort. Click the three parallel lines to filter threeParallellines i.e. Drawdown Less Than 50.

Click VIEW to see a backtest.

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Simply put, the Optimizer technology blows the doors open on backtesting.  

Let's face it: Backtesting is tedious. Whether you are a programming whiz or an investor looking for a better way to trade. Setting up, changing parameters and running backtests takes a lot of time.


That is all changed now. The Optimizer can have 1000s of backtests to you in minutes, in an organized table. Find your best way to trade today.


Set up a screen share Webex demo here.


Sign up for a free trial.


Watch the Optimizer Tutorial here...



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